1st Ward - Mike Hill

Even as 1st Ward Councilman, Mike Hill has concerns that span the entire City of Mansfield. Inspired to do his part as a citizen of Mansfield, Hill has taken his role on City Council to heart, spending much time dealing with pressing issues that all citizens are concerned with. An area that is of primary importance to Hill is that of Mansfield's law enforcement.


Hill has spent much of his time on council working to understand all facets and viewpoints of the relationship between Mansfield's Police Department and Mansfield's citizens. As former Chairman of the Council's Safety Committee, Hill decided that a good way to get a better grasp on safety issues in Mansfield, would be to experience the life of a police officer. With that in mind, Hill has ridden with on-duty Mansfield Police Officers to see what really goes on between individuals and police. "Through this experience, I've had the chance to become a liaison between Law Enforcement and the public. I can see things through the police officers' eyes; but at the same time, as an elected official, my job requires me to answer to and be accessible to the citizens," Hill explains.


Recently, Hill has spent time with the Fire Department. Riding with our Rescue units, Hill observes first hand the highly trained and skilled our Firemen and E.M.T.'s are. He better understand their needs, whether its equipment or training.


During his time on Council, the trust Hill has built with both agencies and citizens of Mansfield has given him the ability to make informed decisions about policy, rather than simply basing everything on unsubstantiated opinion. He sees that as one of his biggest assets to Council and the citizens he represents. Councilman Hill is Chairman of the Claims Committee, Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee and is a member of the Employee Relations and Zoning Committees.


Hill has worked over forty years in the field of Information Services. He is also a recipient of the Eagle Scout Award, as well as a Communion Deacon at the First English Lutheran Church. When he is not at work or serving on City Council, he spends time working for the Ashland VISTA (Volunteers in Service to Ashland University) Program. He looks forward to continued service to the people of Mansfield!


Mr. Hill can be contacted by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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